Services I Offer

Personalized Assessments for Children & Adults


Psychological & Neuropsychological Assessments for Children

I specialize in providing comprehensive evaluations for children and teenagers. A full assessment can help you and your child identify if any areas of difficulty are truly of clinical concern.

       I offer:

  • Accommodations testing

  • ADHD evaluations

  • Emotional functioning (mood disorders)

  • Intelligence testing

  • Learning disorders

  • Academic achievement testing

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Psychological Assessments for Adults

I offer a wide range of objective assessment measures that can help you better understand yourself and your internal characteristics.

        Services can be helpful for:

  • Diagnostic clarification

  • Learning about personality traits

  • Examining cognitive abilities

  • Gaining insight into emotional functioning

  • Understanding how you relate to others​

  • ADHD or learning challenges

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What Does An Evaluation Include?

While I try to customize each evaluation based on your specific question or concern, there are key elements that are included in each assessment I conduct:

       Elements Include:

  • 1-2 hour clinical interview to gather your background and history

  • 5-8 hours of face-to-face testing

  • Filling out several paper-and-pencil questionnaires

  • 1-2 hour feedback session to discuss results and recommendations


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